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Our consistent endeavor for quality has enabled us to acquire our ISI certification no: CM/L – 6383375, IS 5382. The biggest acknowledgement of our quality initiatives has been the consistent repeat orders from all our existing customers. Our team of engineers and rubber technologists are constantly on the look out for innovative and improved methods for production of the best quality sealing rubber rings.

Research and Development:

We have an excellent infrastructure in place for testing and R & D purposes. The following tests are carried out in our laboratory:

  1. IHRD
  2. Tensile strength and elongation at break
  3. Compression test
  4. Water absorption tests
  5. Water immersion tests
  6. Splicing tests
  7. Specific gravity tests
  8. Aging tests
  9. Cold resistance
  10. Stress Relaxation in compression
  11. Low temperature applications.
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