Paddy de-husking rubber rollers are an indispensable part of every modern rice mills.
These rubber rollers are made of Nit rile rubber and under the team of qualified technicians we ensure:

  1. Optimum efficiency for longer and smoother service life and for better output
  2. Optimum heat resistance and anti-frictional properties.
  3. Maximum hulling rate with lowest breakage
  4. To give smooth and even abraded surface to the rolls
Type of  Rolls Length in mm O.D in mm I.D in mm
Schule/Dandekar DS/DL 10 " 260 223 157/158.5
Scule DS/DL 6” 152 223 157/158.5
Stake/ Binny F2/F3 10 254 254 202/ 203

Our rubber rolls are sold through a network of dealers reaching every nook and corner of
5 states- Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, TamilNadu, Karnataka, Orissa.

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